Snakes Vs Iguanas! (circling like dementors). Edutwitter – A wonderful blogpost from @smithsmm via Twitter. 

Being Brave! a first time headteachers blog.


After yesterday I decided to revisit a post I wrote in March about experiences on twitter. I have to say  we’re pretty much in the same place we were then.  The predators still hunt in packs  and round on unwary gazelles, or iguanas after seeing that stunning footage from Planet Earth 2. Some are desperate to tell others they are wrong and criticise.  This is what I wrote then…

I have been on twitter for a month, and currently have very mixed feeling about it. I feel it is an amazing platform for discussion, sharing and support. It is also great at challenging viewpoint and making me reflect on my practice. Conversely I also find it incredibly stressful, get really frustrated at trying to explain my views in 140 characters. It only ever comes across as glib and surface. This I feel creates tension and hardened position, everything is a…

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