I’m a great believer that if you spend hours doing something, you should share it and if I can save someone any time at all, then that can only be a good thing. I will update this from time to time with anything else I do, but please feel free to take a copy of anything. Nothing is ever really new and a lot of this has been adapted from bits I have found on TES or that people have shared with me, so I really don’t take credit for it all! All I ask is that it is NOT sold on for profit (this will make me very angry) and please don’t delete anything from the GoogleDrive. Hope some of it helps!



Of Mice and Men Ultimate Revision Guide and Revision Resources


My year 11s found the Revision Guide invaluable for the Literature exam and they did pretty well, so do use!


Romeo and Juliet Revision Resources



A quote and character guide for R and J included. Will be updating for the new GCSE


Dystopias and Freedoms Scheme


I am just starting to plan this unit and will be uploading lessons as and when they are done. Very much designed as a transition to GCSE for year 9. I am indebted to the amazing people of Twitter who have helped no end and will try and acknowledge every single one of you as I go along.


The Sign of Four (AQA 2017)


First time round for this and I may tweak having taught it. I am also working on a knowledge/revision booklet which I will upload when done.


AQA Poetry Anthology – Relationships


Have been doing a poem once every so often with year 10, but will upload on here as I do them.


Great Expectations (year 9)


A few lessons on Great Expectation as part of a 19th Century extract unit. Many thanks to@Xris32 for the brilliant multiple choice question idea. It worked a treat! Also contains some questions for when watching the BBC series which I did first and then worked on extracts comparing Havisham at the beginning and at the end.


Romeo and Juliet (AQA 2017)

download (1)

Much of this has been borrowed form lessons on @fod3 dropbox and from TES, but I have tweaked and played about with some ideas. Used the memory platform idea which has been brilliant in constantly reminding students of prior events.


General AQA GCSE Language



Any general bits and pieces I will put here. Will fill up in time!



Cambridge IGCSE


A few homework tasks and some S and L lessons, but a bit late now!


A study in Scarlet – Sherlock Holmes (year 8)


I used this story to challenge my year 8s. Worked brilliantly and there are a couple of assessment tasks on there too.


General Resources

download (2)

Bits and pieces I have made, borrowed, adapted along the way.







One comment

  1. Darrel H · April 5, 2016

    I like the first image. the one with the people silhouetted in the rabbit. clever.
    when i saw “of mice and men” – I read Of Monsters and Men – which my wife and I happened to go watch at a local festival on Saturday. Good band – check it out.

    Keep making a difference in that classroom of yours 🙂


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