This is me


Ok,a few questions about myself.

1) What’s my job title and where do I work?

I am an English Teacher, working in a large secondary school in Peterborough.

2) Where have I come from?

I come from a family of teachers/headteachers. I have been a single mum for the majority of my adult life, so began my life in education as a TA, the school hours being a massive bonus for my own children. I worked up gradually, becoming a HLTA and then un-qualified teacher, before training on the GTP 80/20 Programme in 2011 despite having always said that I would never be a teacher like everyone else in the family!

3)What am I currently working on?

My son is just about to go to university, whilst my daughter has just sat her GCSEs and after a long road, it is time to concentrate a bit more on what I want to do. Teaching and young people is what I love, so at this point in time I just want to work on being even better at teaching and inspiring the young people I spend my days with. I believe we can always be better and the day that we think we don’t need to change, is the day that we should perhaps consider whether we are in the right profession.

4)What gets me up in the morning?

I struggle with mornings, but the reason that I go to work every day is the fact that I know that each day will be different and that the students I work with make me laugh, smile and inspire me every day. I think myself lucky to have the most amazing job in the world.

5)What keeps me awake at night?

Everything; I’m an insomniac.

6)Who inspires me?

People who enjoy life and don’t care about what might happen; that’s not me and I wish it was. Teenagers inspire me, their sense of wonder about things, their mixture of personalities and the fact that they have a future ready to be shaped. Most of all, they tell it like it is

My parents inspire me, for so many different reasons.

Writers, because anyone who can pluck you away from your day to day life and take you somewhere else is a hero in my book and there are so many heroes: F Scott Fitzgerald, J.D Salinger, Harper Lee, Dickens, Conan Doyle up to the likes of Terry Prachett, Stephen Fry, Jo Nesbo, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and so many more it would be impossible to name them all. They all inspire me.

And that’s me.


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